APPEL/PTA Organization


What is A.P.P.E.L.:

A parent supported and run organization designed to build and foster a strong parent-school community, to support the school administration with non-academic activities, and to help improve the quality of our children’s school experience. Studies have shown that parental involvement (beyond helping with homework) improves student performance and achievement. Therefore, we strive to enhance the experience of all children through parental participation. The culture of our school and the community fostered is dependent upon a high degree of involvement by all families at Ecole Bilingue.


APPEL addresses many needs (both short term and long range) of the school and the families of Ecole Bilingue. This is done through a series of fundraising and outreach programs designed to act in conjunction with the administration of the school. It is vital that all families work together through a series of committees which enable the continual growth and expansion of resources available to all children at Ecole Bilingue.


6 meetings per year in which all committee heads (and any other interested parties) attend to discuss fundraising projects, new ideas, and evolving needs of the school and the school’s students or families. At each of these 6 meetings, food, wine, and childcare are provided. (Each committee meets as needed dependent upon the committee function.)


APPEL strives to involve all parents in one or more committees throughout the school year. The greater one’s involvement, the greater the experience you and your child(ren) will have at Ecole Bilingue. A guest speaker is often invited to discuss a variety of topics.



(8-15 members, including 1 chair from each campus) Develops, organizes, publicizes and implements secular holiday parties at each campus. Assists with Open House as per requests from Marketing Director. Coordinates and oversees non fundraising events throughout the year, particularly Fall/Spring picnics and Spring Teacher Appreciation week.


(6-10 members, including 1 chair) Assists the Administration and Faculty with regular maintenance at both campuses (small “fix-it” projects) as well as any other non-routine chores as needed or for special events such as Open House, inspections, etc.


(8-10 members) Organizes and oversees various APPEL fundraising events and programs throughout the year. Events include, but are not limited to:
Book Fairs
Box Tops/CCs
Mardi Gras
Silver Graphics
Wine Tastings


(4-6 members, including 1 chair) Maintains all garden spaces and planters at both campuses. Facilitates and assists Faculty and students with gardening projects and maintenance throughout the full calendar year (including breaks and holidays).


(3-5 members, including 1 chair) Organizes “meet and greet” events specifically designed to welcome new members of the E B community throughout the year. Provides a friendly and warm introduction to events such as APPEL meetings, wine tastings, Open House, etc.


(3-5 members including 1 chair) Provides support to E B families who may have experienced illness, injury, job loss, etc. Provides a network for families celebrating the arrival of a new child.