Parent Organization

This page is currently getting a face lift! Until we are ready for our reveal, take a look at the new Parent Association information packet and sign up for a PA committee.


What is “APPEL”?

APPEL stands for Association pour les parents d’élèves de l’école, which translates to School Parent Organization. “Appel” is also a common word in the French language, meaning a “call” or “request.” This double-meaning aligns perfectly with the goal and mission of our organization; we, APPEL, are the group that anyone in this community calls when they need something, when they have an idea that they would like to see executed, and when a request needs fulfilling. You can always call on APPEL, the official Ecole Bilingue Parent Organization!

What we do: 

APPEL is a parent-run organization designed to build and foster a strong parent-school community. We support teachers and administration with non-academic activities which help to enrich the quality of student life. Our hands-on approach allows us to address the many needs (both short term and long range) of the school and the families at Ecole Bilingue. We do this through a series of fundraising and outreach programs that act in conjunction with the administration of the school.

Studies have shown that parental involvement (beyond helping with homework) elevates student performance, achievement, and strengthens the community. We recognize the importance of and insist on all families working together through a network of committees which enable the continual growth and expansion of resources available to all children at Ecole Bilingue.

Our Mission:

APPEL’s mission is to assist in the development of educational projects and extracurricular activities, to focus on the quality of our children’s school experience, and to encourage involvement in our school from each member of the Ecole Bilingue community.

Contact us:

General meetings are held bimonthly on school campus. Please send all inquiries or suggestions to