Google Chrome

Create a profile, activate link data and synchronization

First, Chrome needs to be installed on your device. You can download and install it at You also need to have the school’s email account activated. More information about activating your account on this page

Create a new local profile in the browser.

Creating a profile and liking its data to a gmail account allows you to go seamlessly from machine to machine and find your work where you left it.
It also makes it easy to switch from one account to the other. You can even have multiple accounts opened at the same time, each one in a different window.
To create a new profile, click on the profile menu on the top right corner of the Chrome window (1), then select “+Add” at the bottom of the menu (2).

Name your profile (1). You can give it any name, this is just to identify the profile on your computer. Click “Add” (2).

The browser now opens a new window under the new profile.
If you have serveral childs using the same machine, you can create a profile for each.

Turn the synchronization on

The synchronization allows your local profile to be linked to the school’s email account. The modifications made by the school throught the administration console will be pushed to your child’s profile automatically.

Click on the profile menu (1) and on ” Turn on Sync…”

Enter your child’s Ecole Bilingue’s email, click “Next”, the matching password and click “Next”.

In the confirmation dialog box, click “Link Data”.

Click “Yes, I’m in” to confirm you are turning on synchronization.

Your child is now ready to use Chrome as an Ecole Bilingue student. Keep in mind this new profile, as it is linked to the school’s account, holds the restrictions applied to the school. For normal browsing, please use another profile.