Google Classroom

1) Invitation
2) Class code

1) Open the assignment
2) The assignment page
3) Complete and turn in your document
The “+ Add or create” menu:
Create new
Turn in and unsbumitting
Turn in
4) Correct your document
Resolving a comment


Join a class

You first need to open Google Classroom.

On a computer, sign in into with your email, click on the Google Apps menu and Choose Classroom (2).

There are two ways to join a class : by invitation or by class code.

1) Invitation

If the teacher sent an invitation, just click on the “Join” button in the invitation email and you will be brought in the class. automatically.

If you are already in Classroom, click on the three bars on the top left corner (1) and choose “Classes” (2).

Once in your classes, click on “Join” to join these classes.

2) Class code

If the teacher sent a class code, open Classroom and click on the plus sign on the top right corner.

Enter the code given by the teacher and click “Join”.


1) Open the assignment

When a teacher gives an assignment, it appears in two different places :
– On the Stream:

– In the Classwork tab:
Click on the Assignment’s title (1) to open the post.
You can now directly click on the document to complete (2) or on “View assignment” (3) to open it.

2) The assignment page

1 : Instructions given by the teacher.
2: Maximum of points if the assignment is graded.
3: Comments to the class if appropriate.
4: Click to open the document to complete.
5: Click to select attachments to complete the assignment.
6: “Turn in” button: click when the assignment is complete.
7: Private comments to the teacher.

Click on the document to open it (4). The document will open in a new tab.

3) Complete and turn in your document

Complete the document as you would with a classic Google Doc. The document is your own. When you modify it, it does not modify the other students’ documents nor the master document owned by the teacher.

Once your document is completed, click the “Turn in” button. Do not use the “Share” button.

If you want to add attachments to your document, go back to the Classroom tab and click “+ Add or create” in the “Your work” section.

The “+ Add or create” menu:
– Attachments:

Select the kind of attachment you want to add:
– Google Drive: select a document in you Google Drive.

– Link: type or paste a link in the dialog box and click “Add link”

– File: to upload a file stored locally, from your computer, not from a cloud drive like Google Drive. The window is similar as the Google Drive window as shown above, with the “Upload tab” already selected.

– Create new:

Creates a new Google document, automatically attached to your work.

Here is an example of the “Your work” section with attachments:

Turn in and unsubmitting
– Turn in

Once all the documents you need for your assignment are attached, click “Turn in” in the “Your Work” section, and “Turn in” again in the confirmation dialog box.

Now, your work in turned in. You can not change the document anymore, it is now read-only so your teacher can review it.

– Unsubmit

If you need to make a modification to your document or make changes in the attachments, you can click “Unsubmit” in the “You work” section.

Every things goes back to the “Turn in” situation, you can change your document and your attachments. When you are ready, click “Turn in” again.

4) Correct your document

When the teachers returns your work, it means you can work again on your document, There might be suggestions or comments.

Resolving a comment

If a part of your text is highlighted in yellow, it means the teacher made a comment on that part of your work. Click on the yellow highlighting (1) to put the comment in front (2). You can use the reply box to send a message to the teacher about that comment (3). If you have made the modifications needed, you can resolve the comment by clicking on “Resolve” and the yellow highlighting and the comment box will disappear.

Approve a suggestion

A teacher can make a suggestion by typing it next to your text. Both versions, yours and the one suggested by the teacher are place side by side. They are squared and yours is struckthrough (1). If you click on it the suggestion box linked to this suggestion comes to the front. The suggestion is summarized in that box (2). You can send a message about that suggestion to the teacher (3). Finally, you can check or close the box. Checking validates the teacher’s suggestion and your text is replaced. X discards the suggestion and only your text is kept(4).

Once all the comments have been resolved and all the suggestions worked on, you can turn in your work again to submit it to your teacher.

Join a Google Meet meeting with Classroom

Your teacher has the possibility to activate a function in Classroom that brings you to a Google Meet in a click. You will find this function in the “Classwork” tab. When the “Meet” button is active, click it to join the meeting held by the teacher, after following his/her instructions.