Most students enter our program speaking only English. To give these children a strong start in the French language, all of our preschool classes are taught entirely in French. English language arts instruction begins in the kindergarten year and builds until the second grade year (CE1) when students have English language arts instruction for up to an hour and a half per day.  By the end of the second grade year, most students read at grade level in French and have acquired the necessary skills to continue successfully in the French program.

French speaking students have access to daily English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction beginning their kindergarten year. Once in second grade, these students join their English speaking classmates in the afternoon English program and have the option to continue with ESL if necessary.

The math and science components of the French Curriculum represent very important aspects of our program. Children begin learning math concepts and exploring natural science themes at the Maternelle (preschool) level, while students at the elementary level are presented with comprehensive systems of knowledge in which each grade level builds on the skills acquired the previous year.

It has been shown that French high school graduates consistently outperform their American counterparts in math and science skills on comparable standardized tests, a clear indication of the strength of the French program. We are working diligently to develop an American math supplement to the French program to address the issues of differences in practical math and delivery of certain math skills to lessen the transition for children moving into American programs for (or before) middle school.

History, geography, physical education, music and art are other components of our regular French curriculum, all of which represent very important parts of the Ecole Bilingue daily schedule. The French educational system places very high value on the arts, physical education and social development and recognizes that these are not secondary skills.