Our Campuses



La Crèche:
18 months – 2 years / non-potty trained

Each crèche class has a Teacher and an Assistant Teacher, both of whom speak to the children exclusively in French. Beginning this practice at such a young age allows for maximum comprehension and fluency as the child becomes older and moves to the next campus, which begins with Moyenne Section.

Ecole Maternelle:

Toute-Petite Section (Pre-School: 2 years old / potty trained)
Petite Section (Pre-School: 3 years old)
Moyenne Section (Pre-Kindergarten: 4 years old)

Grande Section (Kindergarten: 5 years old)



Ecole Primaire:

Cours Préparatoire – CP (1st grade: 6 years old)
Cours Elémentaire 1 – CE1 (2nd grade: 7 years old)
Cours Elémentaire 2 – CE2 (3rd grade: 8 years old)
Cours Moyen 1 – CM1 (4th grade: 9 years old)
Cours Moyen 2 – CM2 (5th grade: 10 years old)



Fabian Hall

Sixième de collège – 6ème (6th grade: 11 years old)
Cinquième de collège – 5ème (7th grade: 12 years old)
Quatrième de collège – 4ème (8th grade: 13 years old)