Sign in into Screencastify

Screencastify is a little Chrome extension that allows you to capture a 5 minutes maximum video of your webcam or your screen. You can show a webpage, a word processor doc, a spreadsheet… anything that can be displayed on a screen. You can also scribble on the screen as you go to emphasize some aspects of the docs you are presenting.
The videos are automatically saved on your Google Drive for an easy share.
You need to be in Chrome with your account selected.

To verify your addresses is linked to your Chrome Internet browser, click on the person at the top right corner of the Chrome Browser’s window (1), check the current user is matching your schools’s email address (2) and that the sync is on (3).

1) Sign-in into Screencastify

Screencastify is either next to the address bar or in the Chrome menu. Click on the icon and on “Sign in with Google”

On the next screen keep “Automatically save videos to Google Drive” (1) and click “Sign in with Google” (2). On the following screen click “Sign in with Google”.

In the popup window, choose your account and “Allow” in the next one to authorize Screencastify to use your Google Drive.

Click next after being sure both checkboxes are selected.

Click “Allow” on the alert message and “Allow” in the box to authorize Screencastify to use your webcam and your microphone.

– Select “Student” then answer about your age appropriately.

You should now see the final screen and be able to use Screencastify. This is a one-time processus. You will not have to do it again.

Capture a video

In the Chrome menu (1) Click on the Screencastify icon (2). That icon can also be next to the address bar.

You have three possible sources for your recordings : webcam, browser tab or screen. The screen options allows you to choose from a single window or the whole screen.

Capture a video with your webcam

Select “Webcam Only” (1), activate your microphone if you need to talk over your video (2) , select your webcam if it is not (3) and click “Record” (4).

Your recording starts after a little countdown. You can pause it and resume it if needed. Click “Stop”when you are done.

Capture your screen or an app window.

– Select “Desktop”
– Select the microphone if you plan to use it.
– Select “Embed Webcam” if you plan to capture your full screen and have a thumbnail of your webcam on top.
– Click “Record”.

– Choose from record your entire screen (1) or only one window (“Application Window”) (2).

If you choose the “Application Window” option, your window must be active, not minimized.

Capture a video of a browser tab

It works the same way as “Desktop” but with the active tab of your Internet browser.

Stop the recording, save and share the video

– Click again the Screencastify icon (1) and then the stop key (2).

 In the tab that will follow, you can rename the video (1), play the video (2), trim the video by sliding the scissors along the timeline and click “Save Trim” (3) or delete it (4).

– There are many options to share your video. First, it is automatically saved in your Google Drive in a folder names “Screencastify”. There might be a delay between the moment the video is saved and the moment you can play it in Drive.

1: Copy the sharing link that leads to your Google Drive. Paste the link anywhere you need. The drop down menu underneath allows you to refine who has access to the video.
2: Share to Classroom. Choose your class and create a post that will contain the video.
3: Generate QR code tha you can copy or download before putting it in any doc.
4: Create an new email containing the link to your video.
5: Download on your computer.
6: Export into an MP4 file (video) before downloading it to your computer.
7: Same as 6 but with a sound only file.
8: Export a GIF which is a very light video without sound.