Constance Street Capital Campaign

The Pressing Needs:

As enrollment and retention continues to increase, there is an immediate need for more classroom space to accommodate more than 415 students. Renovating the deteriorating Constance Street building will allow Ecole Bilingue to expand our campus to welcome new students while continuing to maintain small class sizes.

The Vision:

The renovation of the Constance Street building will prioritize four middle school classrooms as well as a dedicated and sound-proofed music room and state-of-the-art STEM lab. This building will also provide a student lounge with lockers and a dedicated student community space. Administrative offices will be located on the second floor.

Four middle school classrooms

A sound-proofed music room

A state-of-the-art STEM lab

Green space will unify our General Pershing Street campuses with the new expansion.

With the renovations of the Constance Street building taking place during the 25th academic school year, this upgrade will meet the needs of Ecole Bilingue’s students now and for the next 25 years and beyond. The Constance Street Building Campaign is an investment in the school’s ability to create and promote a challenging educational environment that inspires students to be life-long learners.

An ambitious fundraising goal $1,000,000 will be achieved if all members of local and international community to add this critical fifth building to Ecole Bilingue’s campus. A gift of any size is welcome. Ecole Bilingue’s Administration and Board of Trustees is aiming for 75% participation from current families and their networks. We encourage families to include their networks, employers, families, and friend groups to help the school achieve this goal.

Naming Opportunities:

Area Gift Amount Naming Benefits*
Constance Street Building $500,000 Name displayed on the building on and in all written publications
STEM Classroom –
$50,000 Name displayed in classroom and in publications
Music Classroom $50,000 Name displayed in classroom and in publications
Classroom 1 $30,000 Name displayed in classroom and in applicable publications
Classroom 2 $30,000 Name displayed in classroom and in applicable publications
Classroom 3 $30,000 Name displayed in classroom and in applicable publications
Classroom 4 $30,000 Name displayed in classroom and in applicable publications
Landscaping $40,000 Name displayed in garden
Administrative Suite $20,000 Name displayed in the suite and in applicable publications
Welcome Lobby –
$20,000 Name displayed  in lobby and in applicable publications
Furnish Classrooms (4) $20,000
Name displayed in classroom and applicable publications
Conference Room-
$15,000 Name displayed in conference room and applicable publications
Technology –
$15,000 Name displayed in a common area
Student Lounge – Sponsored! $7,500 Name displayed in lounge and in applicable publications
Bathrooms $5,000 Name displayed near bathrooms (2)
Locker Nook $5,000 Name displayed in nook
*All names must be approved by the school administration.

Our Director of Advancement is eager to sit down with you and your family to discuss your personal philanthropy and how it may align with this capital campaign.

Additional Opportunities

In the spirit of Ecole Bilingue’s mission, including the entire community in this Capital Campaign is vital. As every member of the Ecole Bilingue community will benefit from this building, it is Ecole Bilingue’s hope that every community member will participate in this renovation campaign at any level. A gift of any size will support these efforts in big ways.  Additional opportunities are:

MUSIC ROOM Items Quantity Amount (each)
Upright Piano 1 $4,000
Tenor Saxophone 1 $700
Trombone 1 $250
Trumpet 1 $250
Set of Harmonicas 1 $65
PA System/Mixer 1 $600
Recording Device 1 $250
Microphones 2 $125
Cables (various) 7 $30
Electric Base 1 $300
Electric Guitar 2 $175
Guitar Amps 1 $150
Electric Ukulele 1 $125
Acoustic Ukulele 1 $75
Set of Instrument Stands (various) 1 $350
Set of Musics Stands 3 $300
Violin 1 $125
Recorders 100 $10
Glockenspiels 3 $35
Xylophone 1 $260
Sheet Music Library 1 $450

STEM LABORATORY Items – ALL SPONSORED Quantity Amount (each)
Microscopes 10 $1,000
Glassware Basics (beakers, flasks…) 1 $2,000
Membership to STEM Library 1/year $2,000
Alternative Energy Kits – Wind 10 $175
Alternative Energy Kits – Solar 10 $175
Alternative Energy Kits – Hydro 10 $175

CLASSROOM Items Quantity Amount (each)
Smart Boards 6 $2,500
Desk/Chair Set 100 $500

Capital Campaigns Gifts verse Annual Fund Gifts:

Gifts to the Capital Campaign are contributions used to support the long term goals of the institution – the renovation of the school 5th campus building. Gifts to the Annual Giving Fund support the school’s needs this year by filling the operational gap not covered by tuition. If a supporter regularly gives to the Annual Giving Fund, we humbly ask you to consider a gift that goes above and beyond in support of the Constance Street building renovations.  

Renderings made by NOCCA Junior, Hazel Tebbe-Crump, daughter of 1st grade English teacher Charlotte Tebbe-Crump.

Middle School Classroom