Login to TypingPal

If you already worked on TypingPal with your @ebnola.com account, you first have to go to https://bilinguenouvelleo.typingpal.com.
In the “Log in” window, choose “Log in with Google”.

Depending of your logging status with TypingPal, you will have to choose between two Paths:

1) Select your @ebnola.com account (1), or choose “Use another account” if your account is not there (2).

If you choosed “Use another account”, enter your @ebnola.com email then your password.

2) If you never logged in into TypingPal with this computer or this user, you will have to enter your email and your password directly.

On the welcome screen click “LEARN” to see your progress and the exercices that are not done yet.

Click on the first greyed dot to go to the matching step.

Choose the exercise highlighted in blue.

You can start the exercise.