Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle-Orléans,

founded in 1998, provides a private, friendly and language-enriched environment for every student.

We are Louisiana’s first and only private French school accredited by the French government and the State of Louisiana providing multilingual education for 18-month-old students through the 8th grade. Since the formation of our elementary school, it has been the mission of Ecole Bilingue to provide a strong and distinctive bilingual education for children in New Orleans by combining the best of French and American academics.

Parent Testimonial

“My daughter has attended Ecole Bilingue for nearly six years and we are delighted with the school. My wife and I chose Ecole Bilingue because we wanted our daughter to grow up bilingual. We discovered that Ecole Bilingue is so much more than a bilingual school. The hand-picked teachers, small classes, and uniquely customized, rigorous French curriculum are phenomenal. My daughter is not only proficient in the French language, but is able to move easily between European and American cultures. When we were in France two years ago, most people we met assumed that our daughter was raised in France and had recently moved to the States.

Beyond the education of my daughter, one of the greatest advantages of Ecole Bilingue is its close-knit community. Parents from diverse backgrounds, mother tongues, and countries of origin form deep and lasting connections. We feel that Ecole Bilingue is as much a home as a school.”

Adam K., Parent of a 3rd grader


“This is the best school my children have attended. We are from México, my kids go to a French immersion school in México, for a year we lived in New Orleans and my children attended CM1 & CM2 (4th & 5th grade). Their teachers were amazing, the school has a very complete program both in English and French. The community of this school is very open and supportive .

I wished we could’ve stayed another year. We are back in México, thanks to Ecole Bilingue my children are now trilingual . I recommend this school for anyone that is seeking for top quality education and a lovely community.”

Verónica Martínezdela-Vega, Parent