Faculty & Staff Directory

At Ecole Bilingue, our staff works every day to create a culturally enriching, mind-opening learning environment for our students. One reason that our personnel has been able to achieve this global perspective lies in the simple fact that we hail from all over the world, bringing with us different perspectives, backgrounds, and approaches. Meet our world-class educators here: 


Head of School – Pierre-Loïc Denichou

Executive Administrative Assistant – Morgan Pladys

Chief Financial Officer – Mary Wallace Shaver

Élémentaire + Collège (Elementary and Middle School) Division Head –Soazic Pougault

Maternelle (Preschool) Division Head – Ann François

Director of Advancement – Brittany St. Sauveur

Director of Communications, Marketing and Programs –Elizabeth Ogden

Executive Director of Admissions – Christy Sevante

Director of Admissions – Courtney Kloor

Director of Information Technology – Sébastien Pastor

Bookkeeper – Meagan Lanier 

Director of Extended Care and Enrichment Programming – Gavin Elliott

Élémentaire Administrative Assistant- Andrew Landry

Facilities Manager- Alain Baudry

School Nurse –Courtney Bitoun

La Cantine

Chef du Cuisine- Adrienne Flament Resh

Lana Resh

Dwayne Breaux

Paul Williams


Art Teachers – Mary Burns and Adrien Pladys

Music Teachers – Jack Donovan and Benjamin Patrier-Letius

Spanish Teacher – Elena Countiss

STEM – Elyria Grote

Student Support Department

School Counselor – Kathryn Rosamond

Reading Specialist – Ashley Testerman

Resource Teacher – Carley Picou

Resource Teacher – Jonathan Collet

Resource Teacher – Maria Barnes

La Maternelle

Maternelle Administrative Assistant – Monica Garcia

Crèche Teacher – Séverine Cholet

Crèche Teaching Assistant – Christina Johnson

Toute Petite (Pre-K2) A Teacher –Laure Letavernier

Toute Petite (Pre-K2) A Teaching Assistant – Emma Bryan

Toute Petite (Pre-K2) B Teacher-Aurélie Saulnier

Toute Petite (Pre-K2) B Teaching Assistant –Damien Guyot

Toute Petite (Pre-K2) Float Support – Jérome Rançon

Petite (Pre-K3) A Teacher – Adeline Din

Petite (Pre-K3) A Teaching Assistant – Antoine Claerbout

Petite (Pre-K3) B Teacher – Sylvain Lanaspeze

Petite (Pre-K3) B Teaching Assistant – Nevin Whitfield

Petite (Pre-K3) C Teacher – Nadia Bouguerra

Petite (Pre-K3) C Teaching Assistant – Karima Namrouch

Petite (Pre-K3) Float Support – Solren Marc

Teacher Assistant –Grégoire François

Teacher Assistant – Nicki Hennrich


Moyenne (Pre-K4) A Teacher- Anne-Sophie Ortoli

Moyenne (Pre-K4) A Teaching Assistant –Guetty Guerin

Moyenne (Pre-K4) B Teacher – Sonia Fournigault

Moyenne (Pre-K4) B Teaching Assistant – Nathan Bury

Moyenne (Pre-K4) C Teacher – Xavier Briend

Moyenne (Pre-K4) C Teaching Assistant – Abigail Bean

Moyenne (Pre-K4) English Teacher – Marie Dumontet

Grande Section A (Kindergarten) Teacher – Agnès Bury

Grande Section A (Kindergarten) Teaching Assistant – Elliot Dejoie

Grande Section B (Kindergarten) Teacher – Elodie Forestier

Grande Section B (Kindergarten) Teaching Assistant – Kadaria Livingston

Grande Section C (Kindergarten) Teacher – Aurélie Germany

Grande C (Kindergarten) Teacher Assistant – Travon Varnado

Grande (Kindergarten) English Teacher – Christi Reeves

CP A (1st Grade) Teacher – Sophie Djermag-Gaubert

CP B (1st Grade) Teacher – Fabian Lux

CP (1st Grade) Teacher Assistant – Dominique Mendy

CP (1st Grade) English Teacher – Charlotte Crump

CE1 A (2nd Grade) Teacher – Carole Nelle

CE1 B (2nd Grade) Teacher – Nawel Eddamiri

CE1 C (2nd Grade)  Teacher – Laurie Carrière

CE1 (2nd Grade) English Teacher –Morgan Lindsey

CE2 (3rd Grade) A Teacher- Camille Lagouarde

CE2 (3rd Grade) B Teacher –Sarah Pouliquen-Balavoine

CE3 (3rd Grade) C Teacher – Ornella Eletti

CE2 (3rd Grade) English Teacher – William Clancy

CE2 (3rd Grade) English Teacher – Caroline Fisse

Fabian Hall and Collège

Fabian Hall Administrative Assistant – Alyssia Williams

CM1 (4th Grade) Teacher – Marco Bury

CM1 (4th Grade) Teacher – Nicolas Jabveneau

CM1 (4th Grade) English Teacher – Elizabeth Robinson

CM2 A (5th Grade) Teacher – Ophélie Siffert

CM2 B (5th Grade) Teacher – Gérôme Givron

CM2 (5th Grade) English Teacher – Caroline Fisse

CM2 (5th Grade) English Teacher and 6ème American Studies Teacher  – Johanna Sherrier

Collège French Humanities Teacher and 6ème Advisor – Anissa Tazi

Collège Sciences and 5ème B Advisor  – Marine Ridoux

Collège ELA (English Language Arts) and 5ème/4ème American Studies – Justin Marshall

Collège Mathematics Teacher and 4ème Advisor – Gregory Guignon-Vagneux

5ème and 4ème American Mathematics – Emily Gollmyer

Collège French Humanities Teacher and 5ème A Advisor – Jimmy Maillard

Collège EPS (P.E.) – Adrien Pladys