La Cantine with Chef Adrienne

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Chef Adrienne Flament Resh

Welcome to La Cuisine!

At Ecole Bilingue, with Chef Adrienne, we take a French approach to teaching healthy eating habits and  teaching everything in moderation. In La Cuisine, I strive to feed our children healthy and diverse meals. My lunch program exposes our students to a wide variety of recipes, ranging from Boeuf Bourguignon and other French staples, to worldly flavors such as curries and stir fry. Of course, EB students also enjoy classic New Orleans dishes like gumbo and red beans and rice.

I don’t just prepare and serve the food, I also incorporate healthy culinary education. I work with the students in trying new foods, understanding appropriate portions, and the satisfaction of “earning dessert”. My guidelines reinforce a child’s positive relationship with their food: clearing the food on their plate, eating their vegetables, and always opening oneself to trying new things. 

The menus are a combination of healthy reimagined kid-friendly dishes mixed with some new and different cuisine styles, with a strong emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Most importantly though, student input and feedback is the base for the menu plans.

We maintain an allergy-safe kitchen and therefore do not have nuts or seeds in any menu items. 

Food is meant to be inclusive. As many kids have dietary restrictions, or even preferences, I am always happy to accommodate these needs. Please email me, Chef Adrienne, to discuss your child(ren)’s restrictions.

KEY to understanding the monthly menu:

D dairy

G gluten 

P pork

B beef

Each day, there is always a vegetarian option to replace the meat protein available.