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“Transcribing the Founding of New Orleans”

“Transcribing the Founding of New Orleans” is a bilingual project conducted by EB 7th graders. Archival documents from the Historic New Orleans Collection relating to the founding of New Orleans that did not yet have an official French transcription were selected. After transcribing the documents, the students created a digital exhibit to display their work.

The exhibit features both the French transcription of the documents and a bilingual description of the document itself. Through their discovery of rare primary documents, students learned how to efficiently evaluate historical information by adopting the perspective of real historians. They also made available these resources for the wider francophone community as the digital platform is available on the Howard Tilton Library website. This project was made possible thanks to the assistance of the Historic New Orleans Collection and Tulane University.

3D Printer

The middle school STEM class built and is starting to work with our new 3D printer this week. A 3D printer works by “printing” objects-but instead of using ink, it uses more substantive materials-plastics, metal, rubber, and the like. It scans an object-or takes an existing scan of an object-and slices it into layers it can then convert into a physical object. Check out this great time-lapse video of the printer making a chess piece:

[wpvideo s0Tf6qgb]

Alumni Report

We are so proud of our recent 8th-grade graduates who are beginning high school this year. The class of 2017 are moving on to great schools such as Benjamin Frankin, Lusher, Metarie Park Country Day, De La Salle High School, and Morris Jeff School.


City Business’ Woman of the Year Awards 2012

In the City Business 2012 Issue, we are thrilled to announce that our Principal/Directrice, Mrs Pauline Dides, was selected as one of this year’s Women of the Year . This is a great honor and speaks volumes of the leadership Pauline has shown at Ecole Bilingue. Pauline works tirelessly to help ensure that Ecole Bilingue provides the best French Education possible to our students. She has been the driving force in growing Ecole Bilingue to its largest enrollment to date this year, committing to creating an environment that breeds creativity and autonomy in our students, and enabling Ecole Bilingue to have a bright future through a vision of where the school is going. Pauline has also had a vital role in developing the Fête Française into the largest “French” festival in Louisiana. This has brought a love of French food, music, and art to residents across the US. (We now have families that fly in each year to be a part of this amazing festival!) As if this was not enough, Pauline has worked with her family to raise $7,500.00 for the Pablove Foundation, an organization that raises money to help fight childhood cancer. Ecole Bilingue has grown and will continue to thrive under such an amazing woman and dedicated Directrice.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Danielle Sutton, mother of Finneas Sutton and Madeleine Sutton, as a part of our Ecole Bilingue community as well. Danielle was also named as one of the Women of 2012! Danielle has worked a great deal in the community with children, teaching where food comes from to inner city youth. Danielle has also volunteered at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Preservation Resource Center, and she is a member of the Junior League. One reason Danielle was selected for this honor was her commitment to help New Orleans come back after Hurricane Katrina by opening a local business. After all, it is the local businesses that help make this such an amazing place to live.

Many thanks to Pauline and to Danielle for all of their hard work and support!